Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

This was not a spaghetti western scene. This Navajo dancer with his traditional feathered headdress was taking part in the annual Pow Wow. July 1999. Ceci n’est pas une scène extraite d’un western spaghetti. Ce danseur Navajo avec sa coiffe de plumes traditionnelle participait au Pow Wow annuel. Juillet 1999.

Okene, Nigeria

The Okene market is the place to meet the Fula shepherds. Their buffalo herds graze on the banks of the Niger river. November 1989. Le marché d’Okene est le lieu où on rencontre les bergers peuls. Leurs troupeaux de buffles paissent sur les bords du fleuve Niger. Novembre 1989.

Marken, Netherlands

Marken is a peninsula in the Netherlands. The small fishing town is well known for its characteristic wooden houses. August 1996. Marken est une péninsule des Pays-Bas. La petite ville de pêcheurs est connue pour ses maisons en bois caractéristiques. Août 1996.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

There are many copyists in the Ermitage Museum. This man was making a copy of a Rubens painting. May 1996. Il y a beaucoup de copistes au Musée de l’Ermitage. Cet homme peignait une copie d’une toile de Rubens. Mai 1996.

Yosemite, California

The trail in Yosemite Park that hikers follow to Nevada Falls is called the « Mist trail ». You must first hike to Vernal Fall and then trek another 2 miles to reach the top. It is a wonderful landscape but it can also be dangerous. Every summer, some careless tourists die. July 2011. Le sentier du…

Chamonix, France

The Aiguille du Midi (12,605 ft) is the highest mountain that can be reached in a cable car in the Mont Blanc massif in the French Alps. A climber is interviewed before starting her ascent to the top of the Mont Blanc. August 1998. L’Aiguille du Midi (3.842 m) est la plus haute aiguille du…