Montpellier, France

La Panacée is a contemporary art center located in the old district of Montpellier. Its exhibitions attract young people. July 2017. La Panacée est un centre d’art contemporain situé dans les vieux quartiers de Montpellier. Ses expositions attirent les jeunes gens. Juillet 2017.


Elche, Spain

In the month of August, there is a festival in the city of Elche, south of Alicante. One of the attractions is a competition between groups who prepare their own recipe of Arroz a banda, a dish that looks a bit like paella. August 2015. Au mois d’Août, il y a un festival dans la…


Atlanta, Georgia

Shining shoes is an important source of income for many children and families throughout the world. But it is rather surprising to find a shoeshiner operating in one of the halls of the Atlanta airport. April 2017. Cirer les chaussures  est une source importante de revenus pour beaucoup d’enfants et de familles dans le monde.…