Antequera, Spain

Antequera is not the most known city in Andalusia. It attracts less tourists than Granada, Córdoba, or Seville and has remained very authentic. It is then worth a visit. June 2010. Antequera n’est pas la ville d’Andalousie la plus connue. Elle attire moins de touristes que Grenade, Cordoue ou Séville et est restée très authentique.…


Arles, France

Jean-Marie is facing his very talkative wife at the terrace of a café.’Cafe Terrace at Night’ is a Van Gogh painting that represents a café on the place du Forum in Arles. The café is still there, now known as Café Van Gogh. It was painted yellow in the 1990’s to match the painting, even…

Saint-Jean d'Acre

Acre, Israel

The restaurant is in Acre, a few miles miles from the Lebanese border. The place is called « Saïd ». They prepare humus which said to be the best of the world. It is true that it is delicious. And Acre, as a city of the Knights Hospitaller of St John, is definitely worth a visit. December…


Yaroslavl, Russia

In Russia, people celebrate both the holy week (the week before Easter) and the Bright week (the week after Easter). During all of Bright Week the holy doors on the Iconostasis are kept open. This is the only time of the year when this occurs. There are some processions where the priest sprinkles pious women…


Helsinki, Finland

It is the end of the afternoon on Suomenlinna island. Two girls walk back from the beach in the beautiful nordic summer light. July 2006. C’est la fin d’après-midi sur l’île de Suomenlinna. Deux filles reviennent de la plage dans la belle lumière nordique d’été. Juillet 2006.


Beijing, China

The Yonghe Temple (meaning Palace of Peace and Harmony in Chinese) is also known as the « Lama Temple ». It is a monastery of Tibetan Buddhism located in the Dongcheng District of Beijing. Tibetan monks have been living there since the early 18th century December and have survived the Cultural Revolution. December 2004. Le Temple Yonghe…