Auvers-sur-Oise, France

The Ravoux Inn is the house where Vincent van Gogh spent his final months and where he died. It is now a restaurant where Japanese tourists and Parisians come to enjoy traditional French cooking on Sundays. April 2015. L’Auberge Ravoux est la maison où Vincent Van Gogh a passé ses derniers mois et où il…


Islamorada, Florida

Islamorada is known as a village of islands. It is spread over several islands in the archipelago of Florida Keys. I enjoyed having an evening cocktail in front of this beach restaurant. April 2013. Islamorada est connu comme étant un village d’îles. Il s’étend sur plusieurs îles de l’archipel des Keys de Floride. J’ai aimé…


Moscow, Russia

In the former Soviet Union, May 1st was International Workers’ Day and was celebrated with huge parades in cities like Moscow. Though the celebrations are low-key nowadays, some people still gather on that day to protest grievances the workers have. May 2011. Dans l’ancienne Union Soviétique, le 1er Mai était la Fête Internationale des Travailleurs…


Suzdal, Russia

The history of Suzdal dates back to at least the year 1024. The town is part of the Golden Ring. Over centuries, the town became a religious center with numerous monasteries and beautiful churches. Walking through the town, one might get the feeling that every third building is a church. April 2011. L’histoire de Souzdal…

Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Utah

A young Navajo girl sits outside the family hogan in Monument Valley. The hogan is the traditional dwelling of the Navajo Indians. August 1999. Une petite fille Navajo est assise à l’extérieur du hogan familial à Monument Valley. Le hogan est l’habitat traditionnel des Indiens Navajos. Août 1999.


Rome, Italy

You do not often see things in Italy that remind you England. Municipal police officers in Italy are still referred to as « vigili » (meaning watchful) but the official name is « agente di polizia locale », meaning ‘local police officer’. In Rome, while regulating traffic, they wear white custodian helmets similar to the black helmets worn by…