Monopoli, Italy

A young boy has hurt his foot while he was playing in a street of the old city. August 2018. Un jeune garçon s’est blessé au pied alors qu’il jouait dans une rue de la vieille ville. Août 2018.


Matera, Italy

After the second World War, Matera used to be one of the most unhealthy cities, if not the most, in Europe, as many families were living in caves, sometimes sharing space with cattle. Today, some people still live in the « sassi » from the XIth century but in much better conditions. August 2018. Après la seconde…


Naples, Italy

Wherever you walk in the old city of Naples, you see people eating pizza Margherita. This pizza is a typical Neapolitan pizza with the colors of the Italian flag (tomatoes, fresh basil and mozzarella).  August 2018. Partout où on se promène dans les vieux quartiers de Naples, on voit des gens qui mangent de la…


Riga, Latvia

This handsome gentleman has just taken part to a short concert with a group of choir singers in a park in the center of Riga. July 2018. Ce monsieur élégant vient de prendre part à un court concert avec un groupe de choristes dans un parc du centre de Riga. Juillet 2018.


Lecce, Italy

The waiters  watch the clients at the Tentazioni ice cream parlor on Sant’Oronzo place, the main square in Lecce. August 2018. Les serveurs regardent les clients du glacier Tentazioni sur la place Sant’Oronzo, la place principale de Lecce. Août 2018.


Nardo, Italy

` One hour earlier, the city of Nardo was completely asleep. At 5:00pm, it is still hot but restaurant terraces get prepared for a long summer night. August 2018. Une heure plus tôt, la ville de Nardo était complètement endormie. A 5 heures du soir, il fait encore chaud mais les terrasses des restaurants se…