Plovdiv, Bulgaria

An old woman feeds stray cats on the main square in Plovdiv, in front of the city hall. August 2017. Une vieille femme nourrit les chats errants sur la place principale de Plovdiv, devant la mairie. Août 2017.


Vânători-Neamț, Romania

A devout woman kisses the hand of a monk in the yard of the Secu monastery. Since the fall of the communist dictatorship at the end of 1989, the influence of the Orthodox Church has become very important in the country. August 2017. Une femme pieuse baise la main d’un moine dans la cour du…


Brasov, Romania

Romani people are one of the country’s largest minority. They are said to still be highly discriminated in the Romanian society. August 2017. Le peuple rom est une des plus grandes minorités du pays. On dit qu’il est encore victime de fortes discriminations dans la société roumaine. Août 2017.  


Montpellier, France

This Russian soldier is in fact a member of the Red Army Choir. The choir has just performed at the Radio France music festival in the south of France. July 2017. Ce soldat russe est en fait un membre du Choeur de l’Armée Rouge. Le choeur sort d’un concert au festival de Radio France dans…

Agapia, Romania

A community of around 400 women lives on the land of the Agapia monastery in the Neamt mountains. They all have their own small wooden house with a garden covered with flowers. August 2017. Une communauté de près de 400 femmes vit sur les terres du monastère d’Agapia dans les monts du Neamt. Elles ont…


Venice, Italy

Established in 1516, the Venetian ghetto is still a center of Jewish life in the city. The Jewish community of Venice counts about 450 people. Several of them were together on that Sunday. May 2017. Etabli en 1516, le ghetto vénitien est toujours le centre de la vie juive dans la ville. La communauté juive de Venise…