Kyoto, Japan

In one of the secondary temples of Kiyomizu Dera sanctuary, a young woman takes the pose near the statue of a rabbit. Since rabbits have large litters, Japanese people worship them since they think that they will bring celestial favors on births. February 2012. Dans un des temples secondaires du sanctuaire Kiyomizu Dera, une jeune…


Kano, Nigeria

Kano is a city of northern Nigeria where I met dozens of interesting characters like this woman seen in a traditional market. I am not sure I would be allowed to wander there today. November 1990. Kano est une ville du nord du Nigéria où j’ai croisé des dizaines de personnages comme cette femme aperçue dans…


London, United Kingdom

A group of guests is back from a formal party and about to enter the Savoy hotel lobby. Opened in 1889, the Savoy was the first luxury hotel in England, introducing electricity throughout the building. October 2016. Un groupe de clients rentre d’une fête officielle et est sur le point d’entrer dans le hall de l’hôtel…

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Cabo Cantina is a bar on Hollywood boulevard where young people meet. The music is so loud that you can hardly speak. October 2016. Cabo Cantina est un bar sur Hollywood boulevard où se retrouvent les jeunes gens. La musique est si forte qu’on peut à peine parler. Octobre 2016.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

If you go to Venice Beach, this crazy lady will be pleased to etch your name on a grain of rice. October 2016. Si vous passez par Venice Beach, cette dame un peu cinglée sera ravie de graver votre nom sur un grain de riz. Octobre 2016.


Angkor, Cambodia

A group of musicians plays outside a temple in the former capital city of the Khmer empire. Most of them are handicapped because of the many anti personnel mines that are still hidden in Cambodian fields. April 2010. Un groupe de musiciens joue à l’extérieur d’un temple dans l’ancienne capitale de l’empire khmer. La plupart…