Istanbul, Turkey

Near the Istanbul university, a group of theologists wearing the white turban of the Shiites, check religious books on a market stall. October 2016. Près de l’université d’Istanbul, un groupe de théologiens portant le turban blanc des chiites, regardent des livres religieux sur un étal du marché. Octobre 2016.


Saint Petersburg, Russia

Two women take advantage of the intermission at the Mariinsky theater to take pictures of the opera costumes that are exhibited there. December 2013. Deux femmes tirent parti de l’entracte au théâtre Mariinsky pour prendre des photos des costumes d’opéra qui y sont exposés. Décembre 2013.


Elche, Spain

Baroque angels enter the Basilica with the Three Marys at the beginning of the Mystery Play of Elche. The Mystery Play of Elche is a liturgical drama dating from the Middle Ages, which is enacted on 14 and 15 August of each year. August 2015. Des anges baroques entrent dans la Basilique d’Elche avec les Trois…


Istanbul, Turkey

A Turkish girl has opened her veil to eat an ice cream. The dondurma (Turkish ice cream) street vendor has played his usual trick to her: he has served the ice cream cone on a stick, and then has taken away the dondurma with the stick by rotating it around, before finally giving it back…


Rhodes, Greece

An old legend tells that the island of Rhodes was said to be born of the union of Helios the sun god and the nymph Rhodos. August 2014. Une légende ancienne raconte que l’île de Rhodes est née de l’union d’Hélios, le dieu du soleil et de la nymphe Rhodos. Août 2014.


Suzhou, China

A municipal civil servant makes sure one of the houses of the Maple Bridge district is perfectly clean before visitors arrive. The old city of Suzhou is being developed as a tourist destination in China. April 2016. Un fonctionnaire municipal s’assure qu’une des maisons du quartier du Pont des Erables est parfaitement propre avant que…