Masada, Israel

Masada is an ancient fortification in Israel located on top of an isolated rock plateau on the eastern edge of the Judaean Desert. Tourists enjoy the view overlooking the Dead Sea. January 2010. Massada est une ancienne forteresse in Israël situé au sommet d’un plateau sur la bordure est du désert de Judée. Les touristes…


Cologne, Germany

The crowd is waiting for the bride and the groom outside the Cologne city hall. The city hall is Germany’s oldest city hall with a documented history spanning some 900 years. August 2010. La foule attend les mariés à l’extérieur de la mairie de Cologne. La mairie est le plus ancien hôtel de ville d’Allemagne…

Dana Point

Dana Point, California

Dana Point has a notable surfing history, and was home to many of the first companies that produced products for surfing. Hobie Alter opened the world’s first retail surf shop there in 1954. June 1999. Dana Point est un lieu important de l’histoire du surf et a hébergé les premières entreprises à produire des articles…


Udaipur, India

In the early morning, men gather on the banks on lake Pichola to get washed. They do not seem to mind the green moss and the garbage. March 2008. Au petit matin, des hommes se regroupent sur les berges du lac Pichola pour faire leur toilette. Ils ne semblent pas gênés par les mousses vertes…


Boston, Massachusetts

People on their way to work in Boston’s Back Bay district defy the cold and humid weather. Christmas decorations are showing up on all public buildings. December 2014. Des gens bravent le froid et l’humidité pour aller à leur travail dans le quartier Back Bay de Boston. Les décorations de Noël sont fixées sur tous…


Istanbul, Turkey

Perfect alignment of fishes in the Yenikapi fish market area in Istanbul. A few blocks away, there were restaurant with belly dancers. March 1997. Alignement parfait dans le coin du marché aux poissons de Yenikapi à Istanbul. A quelques mètres de là, on trouvait les restaurants avec les danseuses du ventre. Mars 1997.

Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz

Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, Mexico

I have to confess that I photographed these two Mexican people in the small city of Miahuatlán de Porfirio Díaz, in the mountains of Oaxaca, mostly because I liked the name of the place and was sure I would never be able to remember it. August 2007. Je dois admettre que j’ai photographié ces deux…