Udaipur, India

The lively old city of Udaipur is perfect for walking around, as you can navigate a labyrinthine of narrow streets and soak up all the sights, sounds and smells of this amazing city. March 2008. La vieille ville animée d’Udaipur est parfaite pour se promener. On peut flâner dans un labyrinthe de rues étroites et…

La Havane

Havana, Cuba

As tourism to the island increases and the government loosens restrictions on  car ownership for Cubans, more and more vintage cars emerge from their long state of abandonment. Cubans have realized there is money to be made in offering vintage car tours. August 2016. Alors que le tourisme sur l’île se développe et que le gouvernement…


Shanghai, China

The Bund is the most famous waterfront in Shanghai, facing the Huangpu river. In the evening, families come over to enjoy the view of the modern Pudong district on the other bank. May 2016. Le Bund est le plus célèbre quai de Shanghaï face au fleuve Huangpu. Le soir, les familles y viennent pour admirer…


Tokyo, Japan

In the Kanda-Myōjin shrine, a bride is ready for the shintoist ceremony. She wears an amazing immaculate white costume. February 2012. Dans le temple de Kanda-Myōjin, une mariée est prête pour la cérémonie shintoïste. Elle porte un étonnant ensemble blanc immaculé. Février 2012.

New York

New York, United States

Costumed characters are a tourist attraction on Times Square. They seek tips and they are said to make good money. December 2017. Les personnages déguisés sont une attraction touristique sur Times Square. Ils demandent de l’argent et on dit qu’ils gagnent bien leur vie. Décembre 2017.


Liege, Belgium

People are having lunch in the restaurant of the Boverie museum. The museum is located in a palace that was built for the 1905 universal exhibition. November 2017. Des gens déjeunent dans le restaurant du musée de la Boverie. Le musée se trouve dans un palais construit pour l’exposition universelle de 1905. Novembre 2017.


Dresden, Germany

A man waits for his wife outside Our Lady’s Church (Frauenkirche) in Dresden. Last time, I was there in 1992,  the church that had been bombed at the end of the war was still a complete ruin and the whole area was a wasteland. December 2017. Un homme attend sa femme devant l’église Notre-Dame (Frauenkirche).…