Route 66

Flagstaff, Arizona

I snapped this man with a cowboy hat on historic route 66 near Flagstaff. Route 66 was established in 1926 and still remains the most famous highway in America. July 1999. J’ai photographié cet homme avec un chapeau de cowboy sur la Route 66 historique près de Flagstaff. La route 66 a été terminée en…

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Arizona is the land of canyons. Antelope Canyon is certainly not the most famous one but it is one photographers prefer. July 1999. L’Arizona est le pays des canyons. L’Antelope Canyon n’est certainement pas le plus célèbre mais c’est un canyon que les photographes préfèrent. Juillet 1999.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

You have to get up early to hike down the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River in the summer. Temperatures can get very high in the canyon and it takes time to walk back up to the rim. Some people prefer the mule back riding option. July 1999. Il faut se lever tôt pour la…