Mandalay, Myanmar

White marble Buddha statues are sculpted in the Kuauk Sit Tan neighborhood. Everything is covered in marble dust and the workers try to breath in this environment. February 2015. Les statues de Bouddha en marbre blanc sont sculptées dans le quartier de Kuauk Sit Tan. Tout est recouvert de fine poussière de marbre et les…


Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay is one of the cities I enjoyed the most in Asia. This girl was selling lotus flowers for offerings at the amazing Kuthodaw temple. February 2015. Mandalay est une des villes que j’ai préférées en Asie. Cette fille vendait des fleurs de lotus pour les offrandes à l’incroyable temple Kuthodaw. Février 2015.

Taung To

Taung To, Myanmar

Every morning, there is a big traditional market in one of the villages of the south bank of lake Inle. Women of the Pa-O ethnic group get there to sell spices and dried flowers. February 2015. Chaque matin, il y a un grand marché traditionnel dans un des villages de la rive sud du lac…

Nyaung Shwe

Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar

It is a hot and sunny day at the Shwe Yan Pyay monastery. Young monks have a short break in the sun before going back to their buddhist studies. February 2015. C’est une journée chaude et ensoleillée au monastère Shwe Yan Pyay. De jeunes moines prennent une courte pause au soleil avant de retourner à…


Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is one of the most impressive sites in Myanmar. This shepherdess seemed oblivious of the beauty of the ancient pagodas and temples that surrounded her. February 2015. Pagan est un des sites les plus impressionnants de Birmanie. Cette bergère ne semblait pas consciente de la beauté des pagodes et des temples millénaires qui l’entouraient.…


Mandalay, Myanmar

Myanmar nuns wear pink, while monks wear saffron red. In the evening, a procession of monks reaches a temple for meditation. February 2015. Les bonzesses birmanes portent une tenue rose alors que les moines portent une tenue rouge safran. Le soir, une procession de moines arrive dans un temple pour la méditation. Février 2015.


Mingun, Myanmar

The Mingun pagoda was never completed, due to an astrologer claiming that, once the temple was finished, the king would die. The completed stupa would have been the largest in the world (150 meters). It attracts many people today like this lady who was very elegant in her local outfit. February 2015. La pagode de…