Marrakesh, Morocco

This man with his bicycle stood in a quiet alley just a few blocks behind the busy traditional market in the Marrakesh old city. November 1997. Cet homme avec sa bicyclette se trouvait dans une allée calme à quelques pas de l’effervescence du souk dans la médina (vieille ville) de Marrakech. Novembre 1997.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Racial diversity is obvious in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. It does not seem to create any tension. February 2006. La mixité raciale est évidente dans les rues de Rio de Janeiro. Cela ne semble pas créer de tension. Février 2006.

Nyaung Shwe

Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar

It is a hot and sunny day at the Shwe Yan Pyay monastery. Young monks have a short break in the sun before going back to their buddhist studies. February 2015. C’est une journée chaude et ensoleillée au monastère Shwe Yan Pyay. De jeunes moines prennent une courte pause au soleil avant de retourner à…

Crater Lake

Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake is often cited as the seventh deepest lake in the world. It may not be true but I was there twice and each time, like these American tourists, I was amazed by the beauty of the landscape. August 2011 Crater est souvent cité comme étant le septième lac le plus profond au monde.…


Malaga, Spain

Alejandro Talavante (born 1987) faces on one the six bulls he will fight this evening at the Plaza de Toros in Malaga. There is a bullfight every night during the Malaga feria in August. August 2015. Alejandro Talavante (né en 1987) affronte un des six taureaux qu’il va combattre ce soir dans les arènes de…


Alicante, Spain

The Spanish-Uruguayan chef Jorge Jurado Solano has taken over the Don Carlos family owned restaurant in Alicante, after several years spent abroad in prestigious locations such as the Ritz in Paris. He explains that he did not get a Michelin star as the restaurant was empty the night the inspector visited the place since there…