Kano, Nigeria

In the evening, this man was waiting for his turn in the barber’s shop inside the old city’s Kurmi market, in the scents of incense and leather. The market is dusty, confusing with many entrances and exits. It used to be part of the slave trade. January 1990. Le soir, cet homme attendait son tour à l’échoppe…


Lagos, Nigeria

This evening falls on Martin Street in Lagos island. Street vendors offer local currency exchange at the black market rate. March 1991. Le soir tombe sur Martin Street dans le quartier de Lagos Island. Des vendeurs ambulants proposent du change en monnaie locale au taux du marché noir. Mars 1991.


Ilorin, Nigeria

Despite its strategic location as the gateway between the southern and northern parts of the Nigeria, there are few industries in Ilorin. I mostly remember crowded street markets where you could find almost everything. October 1989. En dépit de son emplacement stratégique comme carrefour entre les parties nord et sud du Nigéria, il y a…


Suleja, Nigeria

Suleja in central Nigeria is recognized as a centre of excellence for traditional West African pottery. In a village close to the city, I met this lady who had a mocking smile and was smoking pipe. November 1990. Suleja au centre du Nigeria est reconnu comme un haut de la poterie traditionnelle en Afrique de…


Okene, Nigeria

Cloth weaving is a long time tradition in the Okene area as it is passed down from generation to generation. I read that this weaving center had been shut down due to poor management. The local government has now established a training center to teach women how to weave from their home. February 1990. Le…


Kabba, Nigeria

The heat in the afternoon is a valid reason to take a nap in the shade. September 1990. La chaleur l’après-midi est une raison valide pour faire la sieste à l’ombre. Septembre 1990.