Catania, Sicily

Fishermen sell their daily catch on the market in Catania. The city is rather dirty and looks poor while it has one of the most dynamic economies in the whole of Southern Italy. July 2008. Des pêcheurs vendent leurs prises du jour sur le marché de Catane. La ville est plutôt sale et a l’air pauvre…


Kano, Nigeria

The old Muslim city of Kano used to be a very peaceful place when I was there in the 1990’s. In November 2014, during the Friday prayers, the city went through a massive attack from the Boko Haram Islamic extremist group. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up and gunmen opened fire on those who were…


Paris, France

Candles and flowers in front of a safety fence. Less than two days after the deadly attacks, some Parisians did not respect the state of emergency to pay a tribute to the victims. November 2015. Des bougies and des fleurs devant une barrière de sécurité. Moins de deux jours après les attaques terroristes, des Parisiens…


Edinburgh, Scotland

J.K. Rowling is said to have written the first Harry Potter novel in Edinburgh. You cannot help thinking about Harry Pother when see Scottish children in the streets. Most pupils in the Scottish capital wear school uniforms that are rather strict. November 2014. On dit que J.K. Rowling a écrit le premier roman de la…


Paris, France

On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of mass shootings took place in Paris. Outside the Bataclan theater, the Sky News correspondent in Paris comments the attacks that have shocked the whole world. November 2015. La nuit du 13 novembre 2015, une série de fusillades ont eu lieu à Paris. A l’extérieur de…


Ganvie, Benin

Not all stilt houses in Ganvié stand in water in the dry season. Nevertheless local populations lives in poor hygiene conditions. May 1991. Pas toutes les maisons sur pilotis de Ganvié ont les pieds dans l’eau en saison sèche. Il n’empêche que les populations locales vivent dans des conditions d’hygiène déplorables. Mai 1991.


Beijing, China

In the gloomy lights, ticket controllers have not yet been replaced by punching machines. Only the L’Oréal poster with a blond model shows that things may change in Beijing. December 2004. Sous un éclairage glauque, les contrôleuses de tickets n’ont pas encore été remplacées par des machines à composter. Seule l’affiche L’Oréal avec un mannequin…