Amarapura, Myanmar

Even though hundreds of young monks study and live there, the Mahagandayon monastery is very quiet. At least until 5pm, the time when all the monks get out to sweep the streets. February 2015. Malgré les centaines de jeunes moines qui y étudient et y habitent, le monastère Mahagandayon est très calme. Au moins jusqu’à…


Oaxaca, Mexico

Traditional music and dance in Oaxaca have their roots in the indigenous traditions that existed long before the Spanish arrived. In one of the most spectacular dances, women wear a large hat with figures made of flowers. August 2007. La musique et les danses traditionnelles à Oaxaca ont leurs racines dans les traditions indigènes antérieures…


Paris, France

After conducting the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar de Venezuela at the Paris Philharmonie, Gustavo Dudamel (born 1981) celebrated his 34th birthday with the musicians. January 2015. Après avoir dirigé l’Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar de Venezuela à la Philharmonie de Paris, Gustavo Duhamel (né en 1981) a célébré son 34ème anniversaire avec les musiciens. Janvier 2015.


Saint Petersburg, Russia

In the years that followed the fall of USSR, many old people, mostly women, were left with very little revenues. This women was one of them. In order to survive, she was selling plastic bags on the Haymarket square in Saint Petersburg. May 1998. Dans les années qui ont suivi la chute de l’URSS, beaucoup…


Aspe, Spain

The annual festival of Moros y Cristianos in Aspe celebrates the Reconquista (« reconquest ») of Spain and the past fights between Muslim and Christian populations. On the last evening, the group representing the Christians takes over the city with loud arquebus shots. August 2015. La fête annuelle des Moros y Cristianos à Aspe commémore la Reconquête…

El Jadida

El Jadida, Morocco

The old dealer wanted more money for her vegetables. Negotiation is part of the game on Moroccan markets. October 2015. La vieille vendeuse voulait plus d’argent pour ses légumes. La négociation fait partie du jeu sur les marchés marocains. Octobre 2015.


Berlin, Germany

Underground main city in the eighties, Berlin still attracts clubbers from all over Europe. I saw these young people with dreadlocks in the former east sector. September 2015. Capitale de l’underground dans les années 80, Berlin attire encore des clubbers de toute l’Europe. J’ai vu ces jeunes gens avec des dreadlocks dans l’ancien secteur Est.…