Lappeenranta, Finland

A man is sitting outside the beautiful coffee house Majurska in the Lappeenranta fortress area. He is wearing a traditional side cap from Karelia. July 2006. Un homme est assis à l’extérieur du joli café Majurska dans le quartier de la forteresse de Lappeenranta. Il porte un calot traditionnel de Carélie. Juillet 2006.


Helsinki, Finland

It is the end of the afternoon on Suomenlinna island. Two girls walk back from the beach in the beautiful nordic summer light. July 2006. C’est la fin d’après-midi sur l’île de Suomenlinna. Deux filles reviennent de la plage dans la belle lumière nordique d’été. Juillet 2006.

Helsinki, Finland

Suomenlinna island is one of the most popular attractions in Helsinki. It is used as a picnicking spot for the city’s inhabitants. On a sunny summer day, the Helsinki islands, and in particular the ferries, can get quite crowded. July 2006. L’île de Sumenlinna est une des attractions les plus populaires d’Helsinki. Elle est utilisée…

Helsinki, Finland

The Torni hotel is a tall building that was open in 1931. The small Ateljee Bar at the top is often crowded in summer. It offers a great view over downtown Helsinki. July 2006. L’hôtel Torni est un immeuble haut qui a été ouvert en 1931. Le petit Bar Ateljee au sommet est souvent bondé…

Savonlinna, Finland

The Olavinlinna fortress in Savonlinna was founded in the 15th century on the banks of a very beautiful lake. The castle now hosts the annual Savonlinna Opera Festival. Volunteers from the region, in their local costume, are there to greet the guests. I have special memories about this location. July 2006. La forteresse d’Olavinlinna à…

Helsinki, Finland

It seems to be the middle of the night but it is still the end of the afternoon. Night falls early in the Finnish winter. This is the reason why the main Helsinki station still looks so busy. December 2005. On se croirait au milieu de la nuit mais c’est seulement la fin d’après-midi. La…